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Rules - English - Simon - 04-04-2018


None of the links provided by our members are hosted locally on this server and are hosted externally by commercial file hosts. The administrators of this site can't, and won't be held responsible for what members post, including any other actions of its users while using this forum. Rules have been set out and must be adhered to, and we will do everything in our power to remove unwanted content as quickly as possible.

Complaints regarding content and external file links posted on this forum; the complainer should contact the abuse team of the external file host provider for such matters, and not the our team. 


We have set rules that need to be adhered at all times whilst using the forum. If any of the below rules are broken our staff may issue a warning on your account. For information: each rule has a set number of warning points that increase depending on the severity of the rule; a member can only have a maximum of 10 warning points before the forum will automatically ban the account for 3 months - Note that we review automatic bans and may make them permanent.

In addition to these rules we have additional rules for different sections of the forum. You will find those rules as a sticky at the top of each section where applicable.

These rules can be amended at any time, and at the sole discretion of the Administrators of this Board. If you are unsure about any rules then please contact a member of staff for additional information.

#1.. The following content is strictly forbidden, and such content will be deleted and the user could be banned without warning:
  • Pornographic posts / Under Legal Age Nudity
  • Illegal drugs and drug contraband posts
  • Illegal software / movies / music
  • Weapon related posts
  • Scam / Fraudulent posts
  • Carding Websites and related posts
  • Spam
  • Hacking Forums
  • Phishing Websites
  • DDoS Scripts
  • Brute Force attacks
  • Packet Flood Scripts
  • SIP Scanners
  • IP Spoofing Attacks
  • Botnet Controllers
  • Virus / Trojan / Malware Distribution
  • Terrorist Websites / Terrorist related content
  • Content related to non ethical treatment of animals (animal abuse, etc)
  • Political, religious, propaganda and other similar topics
  • Posting Credit Card details, PayPal Accounts, or Bank Account information

#2.. No "Phishing Links" or Redirectors, i.e. link-protector.com or tinyurl.com.
#3.. No malformed links, i.e. h**p - post direct links only.
#4.. When posting any premium links, you MUST:
  • clearly state those links that are premium only.

  • provide non-premium links for those without premium accounts.

#5.. When posting on our forum, you must make sure to:
  • Use a title for your thread that describes what you have posted.

  • Check you are creating a new thread or post in the correct section of the forum.

  • Search before posting to make sure the content you will share doesn't already exist in another thread - if it exists you should post at the end of the existing thread as a "mirror" provided that the original post doesn't ask for "No Mirrors".
#6.. Requesting or demanding Likes is forbidden – contribute to the forum and you will gain likes quickly and easily.
#7.. When asking for help, first check the question hasn't already been asked and ensure you use the correct help section related to your question.
#8.. Keep the forum clear of unnecessary posts, save chit-chat for the general chat section, stay on topic and do not post "Thank you" posts; a simple click of the Like button is more than enough to show your appreciation - if you really want to say thank you, send a private message to the member or post on their profile wall.
#9.. Personal attacks against Board members and Staff will not be tolerated.

By signing up or otherwise using our website to access any content or material that is made available, you are agreeing to be bound by these rules. You understand that, at the Administrators discretion, your account and any material posted may be removed without notice should these rules be broken.

If in doubt don't do it and ask a member of staff first.