Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions regarding my service and products

  • Do you offer any money back guarantee?

  • Do we own any of the scripts after purchasing them from website?

  • Will you help us install our scripts after we have paid for them?
    No we do not help with installing  any of our scripts, we highly recommand you do not buy any of our scripts if you dont have basic coding knowledge, we do offer a paid installation service for (£40) if you are really stuck.

  • Can I share any of your scripts sold on your website with other people after purchasing them?
    No you can not share any of our scripts after buying them from our online store.

  • how much is it to hire Psd Designs to make a single custom scripts
    We charge £40 (GBP) per hour with a minimum of four hours upfront (£160).
         - Why the upfront cost?, Due to the nature of work involved and the cost in time and resources, the upfront cost, guarantees customers are certain they want the work carried out.

  • Do you offer any type of script installtion service
    Yes, for a installation charge of £40 (GBP), We can install any of our own scripts for you.
     - this charge will cover any issues that may arise while modifying any of your files, it also includes free script modifications to make sure the script is running correctly.

  • After hiring You for any work, am I allowed to cancel or change my mind?
    Yes you can cancel or change your mind at any time, however upon canceling or changing your mind, (no refund can be issued).
    why no refund?, this is due to fact I have already wasted resources on the project and wasted time that I would of been able to spend on other paying projects.

  • Do You offer any free scripting services?
    I may offer depending on business needs, and if the project is for a good cause such as a well knowing charity and proof is provided.

  • What is the normal time period for completion of a project after paying?
    I aim to complete projects within five working days of a cleared payment (payments can take 3 - 5 working days to be cleared), this is subject to change and conditions such as but not limited to:
    • Sickness or being unavailable to work.
    • Any other Unforeseen circumstances or acts of god.
    • Hardware failure or software failure

     in the event you project has to be cancelled, complimentary scripts would be offered, terms and conditions apply.