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Complete Sngine Custom Package #2


Thank you for your interest in this product, We have spent many months building this package for you!, with the main goal being that we can offer a easy way to modify your Sngine files via a single script package using the very lastest build of Sngine, We have done all the hard work for you all you need to do is UPLOAD and go and start using all our unique scripts that you can not find any where else for Sngine.

THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCOUNTED (no support will be offered) buy at your own risk.

Package Updates

  • Last updated on: 25/11/2021

Package Requirements

  • Sngine license is required, this is not a nulled script, you can buy a full copy of Sngine Here

  • You will need to make a full backup copy of your original sngine files and database.

  • Take the time to read over our install guide Here

what you will get in this package deal

  • one month support (not installation support)
  • Reworked groups
    • like system
    • boost group system
    • verified group system
  • Custom staff page listing page with icons and photo support.
    • display users image
    • indicates users rank/paid status
  • Featured members system
    • admin/moderators can set a member profile as featured helping them gain more attention from your members
    • multiple featured members can be display at once
  • Online friends system
    • lets you see your friend's from the front page
    • multiple friends can be display at once
  • Birthday system
    • lets you see friends and community member's birthdays on front page
    • multiple birthdays can be display at once
  • Quick subscription's
    • display benefits of being a member and adds a fast way for members to pay for it, direct on your front page
  • Reworked gifts system
    • allows your member's buy and use credit to send each other gift's
    • displays member's gift's on there own profile
  • Trusted seller/buyer icon badge on profile.
  • Trial Account system.
    • allows your member's to try your paid account before paying.
  • Reworked about section
    • first name and surname
    • last seen online date
    • joined date
    • display age with date of birth
  • Reworked front page greeting message
    • display's a random greeting message
    • admin's and moderator's can add / edit / delete greeting message's
  • Quick menu dropdown selection
    • will only display links to pages that have been enabled
    • allow's for users to quickly jump from profile page to other pages without having to goto front page
  • Reworked front page to give a more facebook feel.
    • login page
    • registeration page
    • forgot password page
  • Achievement system (currently not complete updates will be provided for free)
    • gain badges when completing selected tasks on your site

and a lot more custom text/interface changes to make it look a bit more like other social sites.

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